Monday, May 31, 2010


So apparently I have a new nickname: Lord of the Rings.
Which makes me feel either very masculine or elfin or both...

Slight problem with aforementioned nickname - For God's sake, I can't decide on 'one ring to rule them all'
I mean seriously...Frodo clearly was not a knuckleduster addict. Or a believer in 'the more the merrier' or 'you can never have too much hand adornment'...which by the way is very true. It makes you feel very powerful and editrix-like when you type.


My newest baby may not rule them all but it definitely is a candidate for 'one ring which screams - Say hello to my good friend, pain' (okay...bad A-Team reference there...*face palm*) Looking at its seriously hefty boulder-esque goodness (some people can't actually decide what it's a boulder by the way or at least that's what the lookbook told me) - it could pack a serious punch. And it manages to look ever so awesome at the same time.

And you thought you needed to take self-defence classes.

Take a cue from Mr T and bling it up seriously instead.





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