Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Si Don Juan Etait Une Femme...

If Don Juan were a woman...
I'm not even going to attempt finishing that sentence. That movie was beautifully mind blowing. Plus girl-on-girl action with Jane Birkin? Yeah. Enough said.

But I can definitely finish this sentence with much elaboration -
If Bec could get her hands on some myPetsQuare booty...
She'd go nuts like a kid on crack in a candy store. Seriously. No exaggeration.

I've had a minor obsession with myPetsQuare and their beautiful things for just a little while now. And the girls were nice enough to further fuel this obsession of mine by sending me a look book of their new goodies for the upcoming Summer (totally appropriate now that we're facing winter and ahem...exam blues)

The gorgeous look book for the Spring/Summer '10/11 collection is seriously proving to be a major hurdle in the war against procrastination and I was pretty much drooling with severe dress lust on every page. There was far too much to love. Rarely does one (such as myself) get to seriously love with a capital L pretty much every single thing she sets her eyes on. It's the perfect mix of ingenue type prettiness with a dash of the garcon manque (that we all know and love from Au Bout Du Souffle)

Sadly - Blogger has some kind of evil limit where they don't allow you to upload like a gazillion images at the one time. I hate you technology and clearly you hate me.

Having said that, I have my heart pretty much set on the strappy baby blue number and white frock for carefree days in the sun with a straw boater and some brogues. And that very classy black evening number for when I feel like imitating Sofia Coppola and pretending I make movies that are far too pretty for their own good. Even better - I would love to rock that tuxedo jacket (with nothing else) and make Monsieur St Laurent (may he rest in peace) proud...

Oh the possibilities!

Either that or I could just revel in its awesomeness and pretend I'm starring in my own French Nouvelle Vague classic. Oh and I might add that whether you're a regular Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg or Anna Karina - there is seriously something for everyone to get their enigmatic noir femme fatale mojo on in a big way.




PS. I am very excitedly expecting my two dresses from the current Winter collection to come in the mail. So stay tuned for their Virgin Suicides-esque goodness. Always a good thing.

PPS. Check out the amazing myPetsQuare website at: http://www.mypetsquare.com/
It even comes with outfit suggestions? I mean seriously - could you get any more fab than that?

All images courtesy of myPetsQuare

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