Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Old Watch & A Pair of Wings

After a couple of sleepless nights and (bad, bad, BAD) indulging in chocolate cake and 60s inspired motown pop about's now official that I will probably spend the rest of my life wallowing in academic failure.

But if all else fails, I will be a beautifully adorned failure in all things meant for the intellectual and bookish (and I don't mean of the picture book) kind. I'm a little in love with this trinket I found in Hunter/Gatherer a couple of weeks ago (oh how I long for the days when it was just a simple case of finding a good style stalk without the 'looming Doomsday' feel of exams totally cramping my mojo)

It's one of those brilliant little pieces where you can say - 'Ah, it's new...but it's old at the same time' (because if you stick an old, broken watch face and a pair of vintage war wings together - it becomes something altogether different no?)

So while I may have no brains or aptitude for anything involving a more complicated word than 'Sale' (although this word I know in multiple languages...Soldes anyone?)...I do have a necklace which makes me feel like a somewhat ingenious kooky turn-of-the-century industrial inventor. Et voila...why try when you can simply look the part of the eccentric genius?

Academia at its best.