Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you for smoking

I was originally going to title this: 'Smoking is good for you'
But then realized that a whole bunch of health activists were probably going to come to my front door with pitchforks (or at least poorly drawn banners/blown up pictures of the effects of lung cancer)

I have come to the conclusion that, despite its somewhat dubious health benefits, there is a certain allure about the cigarette. The French have an incurable addiction. Yves Saint Laurent named his permanent mark on the fashion world 'Le Smoking'.
The mark of every American anti-hero from Jimmy Dean to Steve McQueen.

Smoking just looks so...damn fabulous.
Especially when you're wearing classic Persols.

Rebel without a cause? Totally.




PS. While I am far from a devastatingly cool smoker (mainly because I could not manage that 'je ne sais quoi' awesomeness) - I am now totally inspired to finally purchase that 'Jasmine and Cigarettes' perfume. Because I can at least smell like a delinquent private school girl can't I? Can't I?

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