Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma's Boots

'These boots were made for walkin...'

I just adore Emma's take on over the knee boots (really being black knee high socks and ankle boots)
It doesn't hurt that aforementioned ankle boots are absolutely adorable as well (perfect heel height and cute wooden details)

It's a great way to be all like: 'I'm tackling a brave new trend...but with my own edge'
What I think really adds that edge to it is the fact that it's a little bit epic Carine Roitfeld-esque fashionistic (with the visual effect of being over the knee) but when you look a little closer it has that subversive (slightly more intellectual) Lolita-esque school girl appeal to it.

Stylish irony never ceases to amaze me really.

PS. When adopting an ironic take on a look - It doesn't hurt that the girl has preternaturally gorgeous legs and is just on a whole new level of stratospheric cool.




Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Editor

I felt like I really hit the style stalking jackpot when I spotted Tarang on one of my jaunts...
I thought I was done with my photo taking for the day but I had to do a 'double take, run back and whip out the highly unsubtle shutterbug' routine that afternoon...

He looked like someone I'd feel lucky to spot in New York let alone Melbourne. The outfit is just a prime example of well considered and intellectual style. A sort of understated luxe chic that makes you love it more and more every time you see it. I was totally taken with the way he'd taken the effort to wear the button down shirt, navy jumper and the amazing desert boots. A great modern take on timeless classics.

But the thing that really made Tarang's outfit 'pop' for me (yes for want of a better word because eloquence is so not my middle name... 'Stalker' and 'Ranter' seem more fitting in general) were the slightly off-kilter, edgy pieces he wore. The knitted crochet tie, the bold Tom Ford horn-rimmed glasses and the Thom Brown-esque 'slightly-too-short-to-show-off-my-totally-sexy-ankles' pant length.

I felt even luckier when I got to have coffee with this beacon of dapper style...

The man is an inspirational sartorial example, no doubt. But the thing that really stood out about Tarang was that it was him wearing the clothes (and not the other way around...which sadly happens more often than we would think)

A deeply intellectual, funny and articulate man who makes his clothes work for him.
Pragmatic, functional, elegant and well-made.

It's not often that you meet someone who can engage you with conversation as thought provoking and captivating as their style choices (okay...that's possibly just a personal problem...being far too easily distracted by shoes, bags and the sort) and I feel all the more inspired after having met Tarang.




PS. Check out Tarang's equally amazing blog - The Brown Man ( - It has been duly added to my 'List of All Things Inspirational'

Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Deco

My obsession with head adornment knows no end.

I just love the drama they add to an outfit and to the person.

Especially to the girl who basically is 100% drama, inspiration and fun.

The headband is actually mine (an old Mimco thing that I picked up ages ago because I was totally taken by the bold and yet simple art deco circle detailing and flapper style silk fabric) but I don't think I could carry it off half as well as Steph does in this picture. Half is probably being far too kind. Actually...I'd make that some measly fraction like 1/10th or something paltry like that because her artistic jaunty bob looks ten million times better than her than on me (despite the totally liberating effect of hacking off all my hair post-break up...)

It was so her.

I think this shows how a girl can really make the piece with her personality. A look, the way she's all in the character. And Steph has never ceased to inspire me since the first day I met her in a cabin all the way back in year 8 camp and we swapped notes on our budding musical penchants for acoustic guitar rock and nouveau jazz (not in those terms exactly...but I'm going to pretend that we were that actually...she was...I was just trying to be...and am still trying to be)

Oh to be cool...

Maybe one day, Bec...maybe one day...

Then I could totally steal my headband back and make it look as good...

Who am I kidding...




Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daniel - The Modern Prophet

A man doesn't have time.
"When he loses he seeks, when he finds
he forgets, when he forgets he loves, when he loves
he begins to forget." - A Man In His Life by Yehuda Amichai

There are so many words I could use to describe him.
Inspirational, poetic, intellectual, scarily eloquent and simply brilliant.
He truly is one of those friends that walks into your life and leaves a permanent impression.

I could go on and on forever about swapping foreign poetry, raving about French New Wave cinema, mutually perving on cute boys, rating coffee and sharing stories about love, life and all things fabulous (and not so fabulous)

But I had to snap him in this outfit because I think it really sums him up sartorially.
The uber-chic nerd who makes a strong statement in everything that he does.
The grey Acne cardigan with the cream suede elbow patches really is him in an item of clothing.
Traditional yet edgy.
Preppy yet arty.
Interesting yet subtle.

And most importantly...
As inspirational and thought provoking as the person himself
And the poetry he loves...

A (sartorially talented) prophet for our times.




Friday, March 26, 2010

Woodstock In The City

There's something about this outfit that is so deliciously 70s and which makes me think this girl should really have been a groupie at some Jimi Hendrix concert in another life...

High waisted denim shorts...a fringed leather bag and the totally out there native american spirit blanket jacket thing...

'Cause I'm a voodoo child...voodoo I'm a voodoo child...' (cue the air guitar)

Get in touch with your inner psychedelic (and shagadelic) love child today

I for one am going to dig out the fur rug and the lava lamp...





Thursday, March 25, 2010

Valley Of The Dolls

I was rifling through a whole bunch of random photos I took over the last few weeks and found these...
They kind of come together to make some weird type of mood board because all of them have this sort of perfectly pretty (but maybe secretly creepy) Valley of the Dolls/Stepford Wife -esque thing about them...

The classically pretty Victorian era mansion that pretty much constitute the house of choice in East Melbourne (which I have since declared the suburb of choice for the preternaturally hip, artistic and beautiful i.e. people like Stefanie)

The Willow dress in the shop front in Hawksburn. Totally made for the Stepford Wife of the noughties...the gold, the sexy 80s bustier shape which reminds us of all things good from that era (think the sexy power dressing of Muglier, Alaia and Grace Jones as opposed to your mum's acid washed jeans which hopefully those damn rave kids have retired from wearing by now...Yes? Yes...) It could totally work with bouffant hair, scary-yet-awesomely-big earrings and heels so high I could swoon...Hostess with the mostest? Trophy wife? It has you covered...Just ;)

And ballet flats! How could we live without ballet flats? They go with everything and make you feel so quintissentially French and Bardot-esque while traipsing the streets of...well...anywhere really. These are the perfect ones by Repetto (so comfortable and properly made like they're supposed to be...the quality is unbelievable...French naturally)...they give me the illusion of being in Paris in the spring whenever I wear them (with their totally non-functional yet pretty colours...yes silver and light brown...><)

A pain an chocolat, some macarons, pastel coloured balloons and a bike with a basket in front...

It's like my own fantasy Miss Dior Cherie ad...

Now if only Sofia Coppola were here...


So pointless and yet we can't live without it (or at least I can't...)




Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Vintage Classic

While trippin' on Monday - I spotted this absolutely divinely dressed girl and was almost afraid of going up to her and saying "Um...hey can I take your photo" on account of her being ridiculously gorgeous and effortlessly stylish. However - thanks to Jen's latent motivational guru capabilities a request was made, a few snaps were shot and I feel ten million times more sartorially inspired for it...(who ever knew? I maintain she could totally write a pep-talking book on how to approach the enigmatic and preternaturally cool...although my suspicion is that she is only able to do this because she actually belongs in this sublime category of humanity unlike most of us mere mortals)

The moment I saw this ensemble - I seriously stood there for like 5 minutes pretty much drooling...

The details of the vintage 80s shirt are just out of this world. The touch of broderie anglaise and the beyond pretty buttons add a certain girly charm to the oversized masculine cut of the piece (awesome vest detail included). It has to be one of the most unique pieces I have ever spied. It inspires me to go trawling in op shops again with the sad realization that I will probably most likely not find anything with a quarter of its awesome factor...

And the shoes! Yes...Noted. I have a brogue fetish. But cream and tan! With a slight heel! Slightly nerdy librarian hotness to the max!

I think I'm seriously in love...




Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adorn Thy Head

Oh to live in Belinda world! With its amazing but totally unattainably expensive wares...
Not that I surreptitiously stroke bags, shoes and pretty much everything there during my visits (the ones where I don't get kicked out by token scary snooty shop girl). It's essentially another universe. One which most of us mere mortals can only dream of living in (unless you're a Hawksburn resident I suppose)

What is a girl to do?

To blend - purchase something completely pointless and non-functional (and correspondingly ridiculously overpriced) but AB-FAB nonetheless (yes I know it's a naff 90's with it)

Yes! Et voila...the amazing but completely unnecessary 'industrial hippy chic' (in the words of my enigmatic friend) headband!

I am a major fan of all sorts of head adornment. I think it adds that sort of subtle (yet striking) drama and glamour to the every day outfit. On a certain level, it's an incredibly personal can really bring out a strong character and personality (a prime example here would be the late and seriously great Isabella Blow who never left home without some piece of art on her head)

While I haven't yet dived headfirst into kooky millinery a la Blow yet...
I have been obsessed with the humble headband for some time and how it can completely dramatize what a person wears.
These are by Deepa Gurnani who hand stitches these totally lustworthy babies onto vintage fabric...

Take the plunge.
Adorn thy head.

Viva La Blow in all of us!




Monday, March 22, 2010

Chained & Backless

I realize how S&M the title sounded when I put it there (but really there's no better way of describing things...I for one have always found great amusement in those 'No! She did not say that!' moments of shock and provocation...and am always 100% guilty of saying inappropriate things e.g. 'Wow your shoes are really porny...' makes for fun times)

When I spied this girl outside on the lawns making the most of the sun (as you do in our currently WAY overextended summer...but you've heard me complain about this countless times before so I won't get started) I couldn't help but get totally inspired by her get-up of choice...

On a totally random side note - it was a bit like seeing a punky local version of Alice Dellal or Georgia May Jagger in the tres unattractive uni lawns...but rock scion doppelganger moment aside...

There is just way too much to LOVE about this outfit!
For a start, I seriously love the way she effortlessly rocks the backless leotard (one of those borderline trashy pieces that I've never really understood...I for one could never carry it off without looking like...well let's not go there...but good Lord, I respect those girls who can pull it off with all the panache of a stylish rock groupie) and a divine pair of vintage denim cut offs (I cut's unhealthy)

But what really did it for me was the belt...

The belt! With all its classy chained up goodness, it's like cutting the straps off a Chanel bag and then nonchalantly wrapping them around your waist (God help the woman who cuts the straps off a Chanel bag without wanting to chop her own hands off for committing such a crime...I'm sure there's some sort of divine punishment for that sort of deed from the sartorial gods that be...)

It's that sort of edgy prettiness that really makes an outfit 'pop' for me...




PS. Please don't take my DIY advice and chop the straps off a Chanel I said...lightning will strike you...
PPS. I'm actually really horrible at that's plenty reason for staying away from DIY advice

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alexander Wang & The Queen

Question of the day:
How do you make a T by Alexander Wang dress (the only Wang piece a girl on a budget can afford) look absolutely nothing like its androgynous, draped-on-a-model-off-duty, slightly grungey and 100 % sexy self?
Having said that...complete side is an absolutely amazing dress (just the right amount of bagginess and the perfect length) and is just one of those pieces that you can throw on without thinking and walk out of your house knowing that you look passably stylish. I like to think it's the Wang effect. Totally.

Do like the Queen and dig out a silk scarf (vintage Dior in this case)
Yes she does often do the Babushka look which I'm not a big fan of (although Audrey Hepburn did wonders for that look and Vogue did tell me to experiment with scarves so I may come round to it eventually)...but scarves are totally my go-to accessory for everything (a tip usefully inherited from my grandmother and my mother...3 generations of can't possibly go wrong) hence earning me the creative nickname of 'Scarf Girl' at work or 'The Air Hostess' ('Please note the emergency exits through the Level 31 windows when you feel like killing yourself while doing spreadsheets...')

In the words of mi madre: 'They pull an outfit together' (She with her raidable boxes of Hermes scarves knows what she is talking about...) although it's a line more usually used in conjunction with her raised eyebrow expression of 'What the hell are you wearing...your non-existent cleavage is showing...'

More importantly...they do give that requisite touch of prim and elegant polish thereby giving you the illusion of being one of the 'ladies who lunch'...

And while Chanel tweeds, cashmere twinsets and pearls may not be the outfit du jour yet... It makes for some unexpected (and just slightly rebellious fun) when you mix the elements of Buckingham Palace, scones and tea with a bit of rock and roll...

Oh yes.

With love and squalor



Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Belated Farewell Kiss to Summer

‘And she’s eating her fingers…like they’re just another meal
And she waits there in the levee wash…mixing cocktails with a plastic tipped cigar… ‘
- Pavement in Summer Babe

Okay so summer here officially ended like 3 weeks ago but it still feels like it hasn’t gone away. As much as I love the sun and whipping out my beloved cut-offs and afternoons on the grass…I kind of really want winter to come just so I can actually get a chance to don moody black body con and boots without feeling (and looking) like a walking experiment for heat conduction. Word. I feel your pain fellow raven-haired members of the human community.

Point is. It’s time to say goodbye to the sun.

I found these pictures last night on an inspirational site (frequented by none other than Miss Erin ‘I’m too cool and raw for school bitch’ Wasson…it has amazing vintage finds…as expected) and was just amazed by how much I loved them.

I love finding images that inspire me. They reminded me so much of the season past and all that dirty, rollicking (slightly trashy and 100%guilty) fun that comes with it. Field tripping in an old bus that’s way past its mechanical expiry date (they do have those I’m sure), seeing (or shamefully participating in) some major PDA in the park and just living like it’s Woodstock (or Coachella…or more locally and presently…Falls)

As the sun starts to set in the Southern Hemisphere – I’d say do as the prim lace doily says and just ‘Fuck growing up’




All images courtesy of Spanish Moss Blog (

Friday, March 19, 2010

What The Leprechaun Would Have Worn...

Both these photos were of unexpected sartorial discoveries (it was an unusually well dressed pair of girls making the most of their afternoon) while sitting on the grass on St Patricks trying to avoid a Guinness shower coming from all directions...

I fell in love with the way Girl Number 1 decided to make her footwear slightly more interesting. The socks (both in pattern and height) scarily remind me of things my mother used to buy me when I was 5 (back when it was tres chic to wear socks with ruffles and/or patterns on them) but they just go really well with her truly unique lace-ups which makes for a really refreshing cute take on school girl chic

As for the bag...what can I say? I have somewhat of an eternal love affair with the vintage brown satchel (or a mini-satchel as the case would be here) Every girl I believe secretly lusts for one...and believes that somewhere out there...there is THE ONE (satchel that is) waiting for them in some godforsaken little op-shop in the middle of nowhere. It's a fantasy you've all had before. Don't deny it. Utilitarian, slightly nerdy and totally effortless. It's kind of like the boyfriend you wish you had...

Or maybe a leprechaun at least...




Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sparkly Emerald Blur

The Mystery that is the emerald blur:

Note to anyone who's planning on going completely trippy on field trippin'...
Going gonzo in your photo-stalking style results in really weird images which I'd like to say are artistically blurred

I spied this particularly mysterious artefact in the proverbial sartorial Aladdin's Cave that is Belinda (oh I could say so much about Belinda world...but that is a story for another time and another post really...)...I never actually really figured out what it was before the really horrible sales assistant started shooting snooty 'Get out of here' glances in my direction...but I couldn't resist taking a snap anyway...

I mean it's so shiny and weird and impractical which totally adds to its crazy appeal...
You all understand...Yes?
Yes you do.

Plus even though I got to see it in its full glory...I never actually figured out what it was for. Evidently my education has done so much for me...

Is it a bracelet?
Is it a bag?

And now the answer...

Yes lo and behold on my stalking of others in the insanely cool world of the blogosphere (of people who actually get to see/do exciting things)...MYSTERY ITEM made an appearance! On Jak and Jil no less (I love you Tommy Ton in case you read this...which you probably won't but anyway...just so it's out there)

It is both. It's a clutch chained to a bangle...and it looks even more amazing when worn. Check it out...

I'm kind of sad that there's no longer any mystery about the item...because it was so much fun wasting countless minutes (which turned into hours) trying to figure it out...but good Lord it is nothing short of AH-MAZING.




Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Those Brogues

Dandy man shoes...

They go by many names but the unmistakeable cool factor remains the same.
Whatever you call them, there's nothing more chic than teaming a pair of brogues with an outfit to give it that 'borrowed from the boys...but I can wear it infinitely better than you' edge.

Note: Many items fall into this category I've noticed...namely...the oversized tuxedo shirt, suspenders, cuffed shorts, trousers, grandpa cardigans, oversized Rolexes, cologne...I could go on and on (But do feel free to add to the list of power)

There is a factor of overwhelming sexiness and empowerment about making a masculine item yours.
Which is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with these brogues from the moment I saw them.

On the one hand, they remind me of my beloved classic patent black Repettos purchased in Paris (like the ones Serge Gainsbourg wore except not quite in the pimp white colour) but with cut out panels that just made me flip over and gasp in that oh-so-familiar mix of envy and awe. It's like tradition but twisted on its head and given that extra little bit of sexiness.

Of course like all amazing things they were purchased in some random little store that has since faded from memory...

But it inspires me to make a whole new look: 'Borrowed from an edgy boy'




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Prettiness, Picket Fences & Those Boots

Sometime after first week, I decided that I had far better things to do with my time than sit in class and pretend to learn about the law. And so began the great tradition of field tripping (yes the wheels on the bus do go round and round...)
Last week's adventure with my enigmatic friend (because I tend to have a bad history of taking trains in the wrong direction and having near death experiences with trucks) was to the little hamlet of Hawksburn

Wittily described as: 'Where hawks go to burn...' but more akin to 'overly loaded yummy mummy' capital of Melbourne.
I felt like I should be pushing some 'Pimp My Ride' pram just to fit in with the crowd.

But oh my god...prettiness. Picket fences and old little cottages. And the things inside!
I think I seriously did the 'sigh and die' thing a couple of times...

Especially when I saw these babies...

Custom made Willow boots (so I learned upon being told by the very well dressed and snooty shop assistant that I'd have to pay a 50% deposit to try out my size)

So super whorey (like the love child of YSL Tribs and Nicholas Kirkwoods), architectural and minimalistic. It's pure sex (and rock and roll) in a shoe. Say it with me now...SIGH AND DIE...
Alternatively, take them home and live in a bubble of pure happiness and coolness for the rest of your life (or at least the month)...




Monday, March 15, 2010

A Study In Grey, Blue & Black

Athletic and yet classic and luxe...
It's a hard act to follow...

The subtly softly warn in black leather duffle...
The unusual blue hue of the jeans...

I love pretty much everything about it (and the guy who wears it)
Our fabulous bitch sessions mean the world to me...




Friday, March 12, 2010

Chinos & Tan Belt

The way his shirt is rolled up at the sleeves...
The perfectly cuffed pants that aren't suffocatingly tight...
And the nicely added vintage tan belt

It's like he stepped out of some perfect F. Scott Fitzgerald scene.

It makes me want to break out into the Charleston...
Or at least have a summer regatta in a mansion...

Gatsby is still alive and kicking.




Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back In Black

During my Tuesday afternoon fabulousity date with Daniel at The Bend -
I spied this rather fascinating looking figure...

Fascinating because he was dressed entirely in black but there's that added button detail at the back of the coat which adds that extra something which lifts the piece above being just plain Melbourne black to being somewhat more akin to Japanese art curator black...

In Daniel's words: 'He's like a glorious gothic Stormtrooper...'

I would have gone with Japanese art curator draped in Comme des Garcons or Yohji (who revel in interesting architectural black pieces)...but hey...that would make for a pretty damn fashionable Stormtrooper...

Now I would watch THAT version of Star Wars




Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Billy is totally my lover!

Michael Jackson may not have wanted Billie Jean as his lover...
But then again Billie Jean was probably not a completely lustworthy bag.

The Billy bag is one of Jerome Dreyfuss' classics

For those of you who don't know Jerome Dreyfuss...shame and many fashionistic stones on you...Quick summary: He's a bit of an under the radar legend. French naturally. Married to Isabel Marant...naturally. And he makes sublime bags all named after boys. Obviously he read my mind for the need for a constant arm companion...only in the softest cushiest leather ever...and with mini-flashlights in the pockets so can actually find all the crap you've thrown into your bag and lost...I found a long-lost lipgloss the other day...but that's a story for another time.

Evidently - only stratospherically cool people walk around with Jerome Dreyfuss bags nonchalantly hanging off their arms. Mainly because most people don't actually know them when they see them...

R: 'Oh my that a Jerome Dreyfuss bag?'

J: 'Uhh...yes...'

R: 'Can I cuddle it?'

J: 'I guess...if I can steal your soon-to-be-owned Boyy bag...'

And here it of my most lusted over squeezes...

Michael would totally be singing a different tune...




Monday, March 8, 2010

Old School Luxury

I love seeing people who make an effort to wear something beautiful to a rather boring place like uni every day.
That's one of the things I love most about Sam, there's always something about the outfits he puts together that makes me want to drool...whether it be a piece of McQueen jewellery, a really well cut shirt...or some really classic luxe Tod's loafers that totally combine the comfort of sublime materials and craftsmanship with style that never really goes out of fashion.

The quietly luxe piece for your own enjoyment...meant to be appreciated by a well-trained eye.

A classy man after my own heart.




Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Virgin Suicides Type World

Like a Virgin...
No don't fret...I wasn't about to break out into a horrible rendition of Madonna...

Every time I see Stefanie, I want to get a photo of her immediately (this morning included with her giant black scarf, simple white V-neck and her leather jacket)...

I've been a bit obsessed with this top of hers (apparently stolen from her sister) for quite some time.
It's simple and just a bit Virgin Suicides and ingenue-esque but the detail is quite amazing.

My favourite thing about it is that you have to look a bit closer to see the beauty.

Totally inspirational, rather like the girl herself.




Friday, March 5, 2010

He Who Weareth McQueen

A little bit Western, a little bit Punk...
Very Alexander McQueen...




Thursday, March 4, 2010


Call it my fascination with all things to do with the jungle and big cats (and no I don't watch Cougar Town for the record)...but I'm just a little bit obsessed with leopard print at the moment.

Obsessed but terrified at the same time because it brings bad memories of my socialite aunty during her early 90s heyday where she was channelling Dynasty and the heady 80s in all the wrong ways (and someone had forgotten to tell her that the decade had changed) I don't think she's noticed yet...for the record.

Leopard can be stunning but incredibly difficult to pull off without looking like aforementioned aunty and a tacky poster child for the excessive 80s (no not neon...I'm thinking shoulder pads and giant bling). Which is why when I saw Kristen in this outfit I just had to get a photo.

On her (and she is a truly gorgeous girl...all damn olive skin, dramatic hair et al), leopard takes on a more subdued urban hue (due to the muted colours of her Sass & Bide top) but still makes for a great statement piece amidst the simplicity of the rest of her outfit. It's the way to be a big cat in the urban jungle so to speak...

More than anything, I'm now tempted to give in to my wild side...maybe tigers are next? Maybe...





Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cougar Within

The supremely awesome big cat bracelet which looks like the beyond awesome jewellery love child of Cartier and Erin Wasson's Low-Luv line...

It's like the grunge version of your grandmother's scary but secretly covetable animal bling...
I may or may not have stolen it for a weekend before Jen sadly realized her big cat was missing from her arm...
Alas, it was fun while it lasted...


Monday, March 1, 2010

All Beat Up & Beautiful...

If only we all had one-of-a-kind "I am a gloriously eternal chic student" beat up satchels...

Major bag love.