Saturday, May 15, 2010

Absolutely Fabulous (Brunswick Street)

Meeting fabulous people (in their rather ab-fab surroundings) makes me ever so happy!
And getting to have a chat to Sam was definitely the fantabulous highlight of my little trip to Brunswick St.
Am I repeating the word fabulous (and/or variations thereof) far too much in two sentences?

Truth is. It cannot be helped.

Mind you, it's easy to get distracted by the temple of all things borderline crazy/camp/cool at Shag. But hello...beyond awesome tuxedo blazer...90s leather pants (actually old case you were wondering. One of those moments where I'm left drooling in 'Good Lord, that is so wrong and yet so awesome at the same time')...nifty shirt...suspenders and combat boots. And then there's the hand-made neckpiece. Just stratospherically amazing with a capital A?

Y-E-S (PLC taught me how to spell wait...kindergarten did)

After five minutes of just pure *jaw-drop and gasp* spasticity, I was then suddenly hit with a wave of: 'God, I am supremely untalented.' I have pretty much tried my hand at every hand-made crafty type thing on the planet (including self-painted tops and step-by-step cross-stitching) and epically failed at all. Supreme moment of talent envy. Especially when I realized it was the man's side hobby.

And therein lies what should be my mission for the week: Start developing a beyond fabulous hobby.

Cross stitch anyone?




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