Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fruit Loops

The kids at Lenko are so beautiful and stalkable (not that I go there repeatedly to acquire more somewhat left-of-centre adornment for my fingers) and Sam was certainly no exception to the rule.

Aside from being preternaturally pretty (all tousled black hair and doe eyes) - her outfit is literally TOO adorable!
There is of course your beautifully executed Melbourne black (cute tiered dress and to-die-for booties...dear Lord I do love a good pair of booties...but I doubt anyone needs to hear me wax rhapsodic about that)

But my absolute favourite thing here is (go figure) - THE BLING
Qualifying note: Can one really use the term bling really isn't all that shiny at all?

Her giant rainbow fruit bowl necklace reminds me of happy mornings with Fruit Loops (which deluded me into thinking all fruit was rainbow coloured and tasted pretty much like 100% artificial food colourings with scary chemical names and sugar) It may literally be the happiest piece of neck adornment I have ever seen.

Be happy & healthy!

But possibly not with Fruit Loops (although I must confess to being more of a Coco Pops fan myself...)




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