Saturday, May 22, 2010

Haskins & Retro Cowboys

Retro photographic (Translation - borderline pornographic) coffee table books make me really happy.
I mean not only do they make you look really classy ('Look at me! I have artistic books on my table') but they really are my favourite type of book to read (maybe because I find words too challenging for my academia-challenged brain)

While I am currently rotting away in the sad pitiful four walls of my house (has anyone ever counted their walls and realized that there are probably more than four?) thanks to the wonderful people of a certain law faculty which shall not be named, an inadvertent stumbling upon the late Sam Haskins' quasi erotic Western fairytale 'Cowboy Kate & Other Stories' really made my day.

It's a book of cheeky paradoxes. Topless women posing with a bust of Voltaire. A classic spaghetti Western storyline written by Haskins' then eight year old son. Muses of the 60s shot in noir by one of my favourite photographers of all time. It makes me wish I was born in a bygone era where nudity and erotica was less about surgical enhancements and more about au naturel beauty and about creating an artform.

So while I should probably be manically typing up some form of legalese at the moment, I am instead taking the time to have a cup of therapeutic tea and procrastinating with pure retro prettiness at its best.

I suggest you do the same.

Love & Kisses



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