Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aren't You A Pretty Rainbow Thing!

I wish I were cool enough to pull off rainbow colours (I'm sure I had some sad pitiful attempt during my regrettable high school years with knee high rainbow toe socks...I actually found them the other day...they have some merit as foot warmers as long as nobody sees them)

Point is - I wish I were awesome enough to wear several colours. At the same time. But I'm barely looking passably stylish with black (oh I do love black)

Anyway this handicap (yeah it totally is a disability) - makes me super jealous of uber-cool people like Steph who can effortlessly rock things which look like what my totally 'stuck in the Make Love Not War' era primary school art teacher would wear if she had the opportunity to blend all her favourite colours into a ridiculously fabulous sweater.

Get colourfully trippy.

And who knows...somewhere over the rainbow...dum dee dum...




  1. Great cardigan! The color combination is amazing!

  2. @ Georgina - Yeah I know...I'm totally jealous :)