Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Adorable Man-Eater

The thrill of the chase.
The hunt is on.
She's on the prowl.
Then she gets eaten.

Okay that's the slightly noir humour of the video...which maybe only I found hilarious.

Back in the day, yours truly was known as a bit of a man-eater (and no...not of the scantily clad Nelly Furtado video type...damn that was an annoying and yet surprisingly catchy tune)

Note - The present day situation is less man-eater and more...let's not go there (I have already been told several times that I wallow in 'dateless and bitter' territory far too makes for a good laugh after experimental cocktails though)

I'm a bit in love with this Neko Case video. If only because it really takes the mickey out of man-eating and adorable little she-predators. Plus it's just a really cute video with girls with really big heads and pleated skirts. Don't you just want to frame it?

Or it?




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