Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Yo Ring

Some things were just accidentally meant to be.
Like a Facebook marriage to epic girl crush after an impromptu class hijacking led to a legendary eight hour girl-date on the grass.
Like landing a date with a cute boy after technological fail leads to one being pathetically stranded at a bar (I nearly spelled that as bra...spell fail).
Like photos that look all edgy and artistic when really it was just a case of 'What the hell is happening with this camera'

And some things are just accidents. Like falling into a pool. That's never graceful. And definitely a story for another time.

To add to the list of beautiful mishaps: 'Like pointlessly buying something else awesome when the aim of the game was to purchase a much lusted for item instead'

And thus began the recent love affair with the magic Yo ring - which technically should have been my vintage button knuckleduster (which okay...arguably are pretty damn awesome as well...I mean they are buttons...and it was a huge ring and I made a pact with myself that 2010 was going to be my Year of the Knuckleduster because it makes me feel all powerful editrix or just plain cool honestly)

It should have been a simple, uncomplicated mission. But one look at the selection of kind of novelty but fully awesome perspex typewriter rings kind-of-maybe-possibly made me do a complete 360. So I ended up with the Yo ring. And not the knuckleduster. Gold plated, kind of weird/crazy/kooky awesomeness. I like to think it kind of has a subversively humorous editor look to it (I did wear it with my editor outfit the other day and it got much love)

Plus it saves me having to say 'Hi' verbally to people anymore. Or rather...should I say 'Yo'. And I could deal with less effort.

Lots of love
(And in true ghetto style...Peace out)



  1. That ring is awesome, Bec! I want one! Can save time on introductions and just jump straight into the juicy stuff :P

    And it's always a pleasure bumping into you in the law school :)

    ♥ a.

  2. thanks for commenting on my blog...

  3. LOVE this. Great statement for unique style!

  4. yo! I love this ring- sooo cute! xx

  5. @ ames - Aww thanks honey bun :)
    @ Gianluca - Pleasure is all mine
    @ Runway Rundown - Ace blog! And thanks! I'm obsessed with it too!
    @ Sarah - Hahaha and a yo back to you. Adorable no?

    To all - It's actually a Steven Shein :)

  6. this ring is awesome!