Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Bit of Press Love

So there is a quote from me.
In enlarged, black, bold font.
In actual (it will paper cut you) paper.

Which really makes me look more important and intelligent than I really am. Seriously.
It happens to be included in the really lovely, insightful and humorous article about the wonderful world of blogging and style stalking (although it is far more eloquently put than that) by my favourite dapper editor of style Tarang.

Apart from the fact that I am slightly excited about the press love.
It really just is a beautiful magazine (I give it a major A+ for aesthetics...I mean that's half the battle isn't it?)
And I guess more's a really good read. Whether you like politically flavoured ice-creams, poems about Macbooks, a bit of a short story or just learning how to behave like a proper law student (or fake it...)

What are you waiting for? Indulge your inner legal eagle...




PS. If you're morbidly curious about my press rep - I am on page 24...or maybe slightly after that. But read the whole damn thing anyway because it's pretty brilliant.

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