Monday, May 3, 2010

A Girl & Her Ferragamos

My mother once told me that every girl needs to come into possession of three indispensable items when she transitions into womanhood (either via a super lucky hand-me-down or purchased as of one's own accord):
1. Hermes silk scarves
2. A Chanel quilted 2.55 bag
3. A pair of Ferragamo pumps

Number 1 - I managed to acquire using the good, time honored 'But I need to look professional for work' excuse.
Number 2 - A very special early 21st birthday present once again using the phrase 'You'll never need to get me another present again in my life' (What a blatant lie...lie...lie...I am now trying to convince aforementioned gift-givers that I need a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel for deductible work purposes...Convincing? I think so)
Number 3 - Was sadly missing. Namely because they'd become a little ubiquitous after my countless trips to Asia (my eyes were practically seared with their image in multiple candy coloured hues)

'Lo and behold my one vintage triumph. Ever. In my lifetime.
Admittedly...they caught my eye mostly because I thought they looked rather Hermes-esque (you could be fooled too!)
The most fabulous pair of 80s court pumps ever...with a cute solid little heel. I felt like I had instantly received a massive hit of 80s era, power woman, Melanie Griffith in Working Girl-esque mojo. And who said shoes couldn't make you happy?

So begins a long and beautiful relationship.
And I think that three item list definitely needs adding to...Hermes Kelly anyone? The Dior Lady bag? Chanel ballet flats?

Love & So so so much happiness




  1. Beautiful shoes! I simply love them! Amazing. Gosh...

    Love G.,

  2. @ Georgina - Yeah I love them too...Hehehe (smug snigger)