Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brown Backpack & Leather

I've been told several times that I practically live at Seven Seeds. This is probably sadly true. To the point where I have one-sided love affairs with the 'far too well-dressed and beautiful...and good Lord do they know it' staff...I even have nicknames! There's Awesome Tattoo Lady, Cute Gay Guy, Grey Shirt Boy, Retro Lady, Intellectual Llama Boy...the list goes on really. But we don't need to hear about that. I mean...Bec's not a stalker right? Other point to note - Seven Seeds also has a whole host of ridiculously stylish patrons.

This gentleman was certainly no exception to the rule.

I would steal this ensemble if I could really. It's so simple and appropriate for the trans-seasonal madness that is Melbourne (oh's miserable and rainy...oh no wait...the sun is out and I am currently burning up in my 50 bazillion layers of wool...okay stop bitching) I'm just loving all the colours and the not-too-busy layering. The buttery soft leather jacket in the perfect worn shade of brown is just absolutely lustworthy.

And the backpack!

Oh-my-Lord...did I have quite the *swoon* moment when I set eyes on it! In fact - truth be told, it was the first thing I saw. My mother keeps telling me I should buy a backpack as apart to my usual 'chuck everything into it' tote and I've always ignored that advice. Mostly because backpacks remind me of evil days in school with hideously coloured nylon bags. Either that or my failed hiking days. Both memories - Bad. Bad. Bad.

Having said that - I sadly note that the tote and duffel are becoming just a little bit ubiquitous these days (yes curse you Country Road duffels and your teeny bopper, side ponytailed following) and have had my heart set on a chic knapsack with two straps that I can effortlessly swing across my back as I hike through the urban jungle a la Alexander Wang muses.

This one should totally rid your mind of any bad backpack nightmares with its gorgeous (and utilitarian might I add) deep brown colour and nondescript (but existent) hardware.

Might I add - he was absolutely adorable (and far far far too sweet) and told me where I could buy it (and it was affordable to boot) but I've completely forgotten the name of the shop (so PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU SEE THIS! Okay too bold...bah...whatever I'm desperate) plus we totally bonded over hailing from the same capital city (Kuala Lumpur if you were ever wondering)

Apparently he hangs out at Seven Seeds all the stalking friend much?





  1. hii ding ! and hey bec thatt backpacks from leatherr cargo : )

  2. @ adrienne - Ah you are far too cute! Love your blog! Maybe one day I'll spy your pretty self out at Seven Seeds. And thanks for the heads up about the bag. I tried googling it after chatting to Ding...but I'd forgotten the name of the place by then. Bad memory. Gah.

  3. Mostly because backpacks remind me of evil days in school with hideously coloured nylon bags.
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