Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Conservationist

'Reduce your carbon footprint by decking yourself out in vintage goodness'

If somebody had tried to promote environmental awareness/conservation to me like that in school, I probably wouldn't have been overcome by the fact that according to the CERES board survey - it would take a grand total of 5 planets to sustain me (I think that's kind of horribly funnyl a terribly un-PC evil intergalactic ruler type way)

In any case - I am totally about going green now. I buy organic cotton tees (they really do feel better), recycle my paper, eat organic and to the greatest extent possible I do buy Fair Trade coffee. But it's always lovely to meet that person doing that little bit extra for the planet. Like Edward (I also made the faux pas of assuming his accent was American when he is in fact from Canada...and I really should remember that people in the US of A do in fact have a much cooler neighbour) who makes a rather dapper/dashing representative for the Australian Conservation Foundation.

The outfit is amazingly 100% vintage (I'm terribly obsessed with the blazer and the too-awesome-for-words feathered chapeau) and the boots (sadly unavailable unless you care to get them hand-made in Vietnam)

Sad boot envy or not - it's a great example of that cliched and much abused saying: 'Walking the talk'

And I like to think that my aim to improve my op-shopping eye is really part of me doing my part to save the planet (Captain Planet all the way!)...

Go Green & Much Love



PS. My PLC compadres - You will be either most pleased or disgustingly shocked to discover that I did in fact do MY extra bit for the environment by joining up with the ACF


  1. oh god so cute the guy and the outfit

  2. @ street fashion - aww thank you...bah was more an amazing subject than anything

    @ clypi - yeah i know! how gorgeous is he?