Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ödland - The Queen of Hearts

Only one of the prettiest/kookiest music videos I've seen this week. Okay I lie...I haven't really seen that many pretty/kooky/weird and yet still awesome videos. It's that kind of nouveau French folk/piano jazz(a la Moriarty or Cocoon) where the girl sounds like the one in Nouvelle Vague and you want to kill her because her French accent makes her sound so drop dead sexy and she might as well start singing en Francais but rather she makes the rest of us 'qui parlent tristement seulement en anglais' just bury our heads in 'I might as well die because my sex life will never be the same again' shame

The new musical lovechild of the boys behind the brilliant (and subversively pretty/hilarious) somewhat short lived blog 'Le Petit Echo Malade' ()

Oh trust the French...





  1. thanks for comments
    i love your blog...!

  2. @ Gianluca - Aww thanks! You KNOW I love your blog too! You are too fab!