Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Die (Like a Mexican) For (Pamela) Love

I have serious doubts about whether I'd die for love...and I'm kind of leaning towards answering that in the negative (as drop-dead-droolworthy-gorgeous as a young 'ab-tastic rather than flab-tastic' Leo Di Caprio was when Baz did R&J)

I would probably do alot of things for Pamela Love (including shamelessly begging for one of her trademark talon bracelets...this has been done and has failed so I'm thinking I need a more tactical approach)

Seeing her Fall 10 collection of jewellery has further reinforced this belief of mine. Somewhat morbidly inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, it's making me want to celebrate the afterlife in a whole new way. Or at least compile a new obsession list like the tissue decoration style necklace, the gold woven rope necklaces and cuffs (especially the one with little conquistador style motifs that bring me back to a brief spell of American history classes and that slight fling with El Dorado)

And if that isn't the most awesome armour plated finger porn none. Then you're probably officially as boring as a dead person. No offence. But really.





  1. Really cool pieces. I love the human-hearts! :D

    Love G.,

  2. Ridiculously cool no?
    As for the human hearts - You can buy some seriously more affordable ones by Erica Weiner that are pretty damn awesome as well at Bona Drag :) Not that I epically online shop or anything