Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Future Mogul

Some people are just so awesome (with a capital friend and I actually have a dorky hand signal for this) that they get their very own teaser posts featuring their very own beyond fabulous boots.

Bectionary definition of Capital A-Awesome people: Persons who are just so cool that you end up staring at them creepily for half an hour before doing the 'walk of shame' to explain that:
(a) You are just a bit obsessed with their footwear
(b) You're a socially awkward style-obsessed dork (but harmless enough to not merit a restraining order or anything involving the police really)
(c) Their coolness vibes are hitting at beyond head-exploding levels

Paul is a Capital A-Awesome person.
And I suppose you and I could emulate aforementioned capital A-awesomeness using the following step-by-step manual:

(1) Be a dandy man about town (thereby making your significantly less cool interviewer feel like she is an absolute loner in comparison)

(2) Have impeccable taste/style philosophy
I think I may have had an 'Oh my Lord, you and I were destined to be insta-friends because your awesome levels have just reached quasi-god like levels' when discussing style in general over coffee. Simplicity - Check. Basics you can't live without - Check. That one signature item (like a killer pair of shoes or some absolutely crushworthy bling) - Check. Perfect tailoring - Check. I rest my case.

(3) Be a swashbuckling pioneer in the name of art and bacchanalia!
Okay I really didn't have to use the word 'swashbuckling''s so much fun...
The best thing about capital A-awesome people is that they're always doing something that they love and bigger and better things related to that. I may or may not secretly lust/party crush over the 'Ooh here is our exciting oh-so-French social life' photos at the back of Jalouse with Theodora Richards rolling around pretty much naked save a fur coat. Now - could something as trashy/cool ever take place in the Antipodes? One wonders.

Well if Paul has anything to do with it - voyeuristic photography sessions, international musical acts and beautiful people rolling around quasi-naked in faux or real fur could very well be happening in our own backyards. Or at least I hope mine.

(4) Attract thy opposite!
If all else fails and you don't have killer shoes or fur coats - do check out Paul's absolutely drop-dead-please-shoot-me amazing blog 'Opposites Attract' to unleash your inner edgy It-Girl/Boy with a vengeance. Not your average drab events blog - it comes with droolworthy photography and pretty sick tunes to tap away your 'I'm an absolute loser and sit inside my house cursing [insert subject here] exam' woes (not that I'm in that situation at the moment...)

It has duly been added to my 'List of All Things Inspirational' so GO GO GO my children and have a good ole perve.

And what can I say after all this?

To the beautiful powers above that be - please put more capital A-awesome stalkworthy people like Paul...preferably in Thousand Pound Bend...pretty please...

Much love kiddos




  1. Love the post B1, but I would describe our hand signal as revolutionary, much like the peace sign. Never would it be described as "dorky", we're just too (A) for that!


  2. You bring the revolution B2...
    It looks far prettier when you do it