Sunday, May 30, 2010

Return To The Classics

There is nothing better than a good, time old classic.
Something that doesn't go out of style.
Something that has been a timeless symbol of feminine elegance for decades.
Something that you can convince your Asian father is an 'investment' (Oh, it's not for's for my future daughter)

Say 'hello' to my baby (i.e. my early 21st birthday present)
It was adopted in Hong Kong. In all its exciting black and white boxed glory.
I was tempted to go the path of the black and gold...but then realized that I have about five bags in that colour (I can't help it if it just looks that damn good...)

But instead went the path of 'ladies who lunch' camel.
I think of it as my first step on a path of pearls, cashmere twinsets, cucumber sandwiches and Hermes scarves.

And perhaps a very rich husband would be very much in order...

Oh the classics, how you threaten to bankrupt me so!

Love & Diamonds




  1. Love it!! Have the silver/black one, I haven't seen them in this colour before... get the gardinia on the box as well?

  2. @ Anon - Oh we should get together and have a 2.55 tea party one day! Yeah I think there were only like 2 in the store where I got mine...Specialness. And I got a magazine to boot. Chanel goodness