Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well-worn wisdom tells me - 'It's the little things that count.'
And how right they were! Despite the fact that my cliche-o-meter is going off the chart.
That and a friend of mine is telling me that aforementioned phrase actually applies to matters of the heart.

Um. Liar.

Equal application to matters of dress. Duh.
The dapper guy in an apparently corporate suit - if you didn't notice his amazing knuckleduster arrangement
The folky lass - with a fluttery shirt cuff that literally took my breath away and a cute hat made all the more incredible with the unexpected addition of a sole feather.
You get it now? Yes? Yes.

Which is why I am just a little in love with the newest addition to my mother's bag collection (Word to the wise - you can get away with 'careful' borrowing...). It's really the little things that make my heart melt.

Ah. The Fendi Peek-A-Boo.

The way it's not quite brown, grey or black. But rather all three.
The fact that it appeals to my inner bag-hag schizophrenic. By having that completely label-tastic interior.
Either for your eyes only or left effortlessly open for the world to see.
The kind of vaguely addictive twist-and-lock clasp. It is seriously addictive for the record. Just you try...
I should probably stop fiddling with it though. I think people stare. And probably not out of envy.
The classic ladies-who-lunch, Hermes Birkin-esque aesthetic.
But with enough surprises to keep it interesting.

It's the type of peek-a-boo which makes us grown-up gals scream with delight (unless it' gutter brain will not ruin this moment...)

But really. Better than sex.

Love & Surprises



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