Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After all that talk about sex - let's speak of chastity belts...
In my dream world - they come as a novelty companion to my book of smutty pictures...

Chastity or not. I do love a good belt. There's something about the way they pull everything together.
And add a certain degree of edge or polish to anything. Where would we be without that glorious strip of leather to pull in a dress that is just a teeny tiny bit too big (or to make an oversized tank top look like an actually vaguely borderline decent dress...yes yours truly is very very guilty). Or to use as an S&M style whip (for those of us who shouldn't actually be receiving devious lingerie or associated paraphernalia in the mail - yeah I really need to get my mind out of the gutter)

Sadly - the humble belt is one of those much abused items. Its utilitarian glory somewhat tarnished by the presence of tacky buckles (you really want me to stare at your crotch don't you), use of PVC (the plague of my life...aside from a certain ex boyfriend) and ye olde teeny bopper stretchy waist belts (think plague but ten times worse).

So we do a belt dance (like the rain dance but infinitely more purposeful) and thank the high sartorial powers that be for the salvation in the form of Phuong & Seb's Belt Co. My inner dandy man was immediately smitten with their simple, deliciously well crafted, 100% leather (no...I don't constantly smell mine...seriously) hand-made men's belts. Gorgeously utilitarian like belts are supposed to be. Custom made with subtly luxe hardware (what girl who grew up during the Philo reign at Chloe does not love a bit of metal). With initials and more...

It really is the belt of my chaste fantasies...

Possibly better...

And I can knot it for the whole 'I stole this old thing from my impeccably dressed non-existent boyfriend...' effect.
Who could ask for more?
Qualification: You could technically ask for an impeccably dressed piece of man-candy. I would...




The whole range of goodies (including the too-awesome-for-words 'Supreme') is good for the perving at:

And custom orders are taken by the e-letter (i.e. e-mail...)


  1. i reeeaaaalllly need some new belts.
    and shoes.

    but we're talking about belts here...

    so yeah.
    new belts.
    need some.

    maxwell conrad


  2. @ fledgling - Oh Maxwell! don't we always need something more? i am personally PERENIALLY going through a bling/shoes/basics "shortage"...
    Thanks for the love

    Your blog is tops