Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've taken to naming my special pieces of bling. Especially the knuckledusters. We have become rather close companions this year even if the family keeps expanding. Impulsively but fabulously.
It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' (if I was lucky enough to own diamonds)
There's Fred the Boulder and Syd the Snake Ring and Tupac the ghetto 'Yo' ring...

And now, there is Armand L'Aigle. My newest adopted piece of finger candy. From delicious little label Alkemie from the sunny, West Coastal shores of LA.
Seriously I couldn't help myself.

A little neo-goth and sinister (I think there's something rather evil Hitchcock-esque about birds...). It's a little Pamela Love (slightly unhealthy love affair with the talon cuff...). Ironically all-American at the same time (could you get more Stars & Stripes than the archetypical American eagle). Made entirely from reclaimed metals (so it's totally my bit for the environment...totally). An old bullet case in particular so I'm told (which makes it just that little bit more beautifully edgy...kind of like a bad boy version of bling)

Armand definitely packs a pretty punch. And is just a tad obsession-worthy (and kind of initially snooty 'devastatingly beautiful and chic and she knows it' shop girl actually made her that little bit more human...)

And really, the more the merrier yes?

Rainbow family. It's like being the Brangelina of bling. Seriously.

Love from us all




  1. Aside from the gorgeous bling, I have to say, you have very nice hands :)

    - B2 xx

  2. I love your rings! Especially the "YO" ring haha. x