Friday, August 6, 2010

Get Lucky (and Sparkly)

I believe in luck. There. I said it.
But seriously...I do. And in lucky talismans to boot.
You can never have too many lucky charms.
There's my lucky horse necklace (which I wore faithfully to every exam until it got lost...or some evil person stole it from me...either way...) and then there's my lucky black tank top (which aside from being an amazing top - guarantees that some form of romantic action ensues...I kid you not) and so on...

And why would you not have more lucky charms when they come in the form of pretty little stirling silver amulets?
I first spied the whole range of these babies by Three Jewels (hip hip hurrah for handmade in Melbourne) upon my many (thrifty) trips to Arabella Ramsay (where one goes to find the odd unexpectedly beautiful/cute thing to alleviate the gloom and pain of the dreary student life...) and couldn't stop myself from grabbing at least one - an adorable little horseshoe - partially to make up for the loss of my beloved lucky horse and mostly because it's just that cute (it's the whole kid in a candy store mental condition from which I suffer...big time)

I am sadly already planning a return trip to grab some more because they are just that delicious to wear. The pretty things of Three Jewels are the lovechild (I could say brainchild, but lovechild just sounds awesome) of talented (and uber-lovely) local lass Tanya Rapattoni and it's all about aesthetically and spiritually spreading love, hope and optimism. More of which is something we could definitely all live with. Wearing that special symbol close to your heart and on your skin. It's an adornment philosophy I wish I saw more of.

Delicate, almost too pretty, simple and subdued. A companion for any ensemble. It's almost like the ultimate private indulgence. Appreciated by a more discerning eye. Perfect for those independent, free thinking, holistic, muse-worthy girls who are all about embracing life and its adventures (or for any of us attempting to be like those yours truly)

And lucky you (and me) - at under 100 bucks - it's pretty amazing bang for your buck. And they come with happy, fuzzy, feel-good cards so you can feel all positive and optimistic about life in general.

You really don't get much luckier than that. Unless of course, you're planning on getting your hot little mitts on the whole range...

Get lucky



Words of wisdom (or really just information in general):
You can go drool over the rest of Tanya's beyond pretty stirling silver collection at and even better you can also purchase them online (and you say I don't love you) or you can do like me and get your hiney down to Arabella Ramsay and do it the manual way...

Crystal ball time:
Um...just because I really wish I had a crystal ball and could do the whole gypsy woman routine. Anyway...weird dreams aside...expect more gorgeousness from Three Jewels with its brand spankin' new and amazing Gemstones line (it's all about the healing quality of stones - and I for one am getting myself some healing...) and some bling-tastically pretty gold coming up...

I'm excited already.

No really. Okay I'll stop talking...


  1. Gorgeous!
    Just found your blog through Arabella Ramsay Facebook! xxx

  2. @ WrenRennard - Thank you! Isn't it just! Haha! I practically live at Arabella Ramsay! Thanks for the compliment - you pretty much made my day!