Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I would like to start a hat cult.
I thought you should know this. Just in case.

I love dramatic head adornment. There's just something about it that really makes an ensemble 'pop'.
A sense of the theatrical sorely missing from the sartorial landscape these days. A divine eccentricity briefly revived then tragically taken away in the form of Isabella Blow. It's all about recapturing the joys of dressing up and good old fashioned feminine mystique.

The frock. The rouge lips. And the cherry on top, the chapeau.

Ah, the antiquated art of millinery. Celebrated and practiced by the legends of couture (Coco Avant Chanel - clearly you need a film-education if you haven't already watched it like ten million times). A gloriously pure form of decoration for your tete. Ornamental. Delicate. Shamelessly glamorous and pretty. The best part of the bespoke chapeau is that it's 110% about the woman who wears it.

And there's noone I would rather have adorning my head than the splendiferous, beautiful and super lovely Gigi Burris. Her droolworthy little pieces of heady happiness really do take you to another place. It's millinery for the modern girl-about-town. Dreamy, pure candy for the eyes but edgy and a little bit deviously rock at the same time. It's for today's femme fatale - As decadent an aesthete as her predecessors. Sans a corset. But definitely never without a black bra. Skyscraper heels and a skirt of perilous heights. A black sense of humour. Just a little bit madcap. Dripping in mystique.

If only I were her. But a girl can dream. And perhaps attempt (badly) to get there (you are sadly cursed with viewing a side profile of my tragically uncool mug)

Opening that cake-box like packaging with the enthusiasm of a kid in rabid search of chocolate cake. And living la vie de Blow. It's the stuff dreams are made of.




PS. Revel in your inner dramatic aesthete at www.gigiburris.com
The process is almost as delicious as the end result...Honest.


  1. I love it! It's even too good for the races... one to savour with LBD + large diamonds of any persuasion... so Audrey!

  2. @ Anon - You of impeccable taste! I'm so glad it has your proverbial seal of approval. And totally concur on all of the above!!!
    She is amazing...;)