Friday, July 30, 2010


Apparently it's going to hail tomorrow.
Winter weather. Bleak, miserable, gloomy. Cold with a capital C. All-round-yuck in general.
It's got me California' dreamin' (and there she goes, breaking out into 60s minstrel mode). Or rather stuck in un reve de St Tropez. A pair of K. Jacques (next on the *spend*thrifty purchase list). Carefree denim cut-offs. Tank tops. And just running around bare-legged and carefree. As you do (when you're playing beautiful muse)

All this pining for summer and balmy weather. I totally blame it on my new olfactory obsession which makes me smell like iced peach teas, vanilla sundaes, a guilty whiff of a clandestine Gauloise and tropical evenings (it is that yummy). It makes me just a tad obsessed with my newest find at the temple of all things girly-grunge and perfect, Arabella Ramsay (I have never successfully walked in and out without finding something to spend more money on...with the subsequent crushing guilt feeling making me dishonestly promise never to walk in again).

It's the perfect effortless throw-on. A re-worked Riviera inspired blazer courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around (Come summer - I will probably be crushing on their customized punk-ass flannel shirts) A bit 1950s Monaco gentleman. Perhaps a little louche Miami Vice. Comfy and adorable as hell. It's totally perfect thrown over a little dress for that la garconne feel. Or with a tank and those much-desired-for beat up Levi's cut-offs (story about those later...arising from the death of a previous much loved pair of shorts in rather unsavoury circumstances)

I've found my new lover for all seasons.

Lots o' love on the boardwalk this weekend kids



Blazer - What Goes Around Comes Around
Tank - Vanessa Bruno
Bling - Stolen from Grandma (literally...that's not a label...)
Shorts - Vintage Levi's (from Arabella Ramsay)

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