Friday, August 27, 2010


The muse.
She who walks into your life and leaves you all inspired to reach greater and more creative heights.
Or plunge further into the depths of glorious procrastination.

The following gorgeous girls did exactly that. And left me with an itchy pencil finger and my kind of retarded (but now I like to think artistically 'original') colouring with oil pastels (who would have thought coloured pencils were so hard to find in one's humble abode). It's basically true to form. They really are that cool. With a dash of fantasy added in. Every girl needs some. Whether it be a Celine box bag. A whimsical Benoit Missolin bow. Or an oh-so-Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent downtown shopping tote (which clearly you would use for baguettes for that romantic tete-a-tete non)

I think we could all get a little arty-farty today. Or any day really. Plus they're just really really fun to do.
Until the parentals pick up that your 'creative outlet' is wasting more time (and money...ah research) than originally expected...

Lots of sketched hearts, hugs and kisses



PS. If you do like what you see - I'm actually happy to take custom orders for sketches...for birthday cards etc - Just give me a kind of makes me feel like there's "purpose" to my procrastination. Method in the madness. Whatever. You know what I mean...


  1. i've got my muse :)

    two actually!

    vassiliki on my blog, and my sister.

    maxwell conrad

  2. @ fledgling - ah amazing! muses make life just that little bit more fab ;) i'm sure you would definitely agree