Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Got Back

Every girl needs that dramatic piece in her armoire.
Or multiple. Because we could all deal with a little more theatre.
Says she who was tempted to go for broke with a splurge on a Maison Michel headpiece this afternoon
Mind says yes. Debit card says no. Familiar? Surely.

Et voila, could there be a better way to scream 'Look at me' than ye humble backless leotard.
Deliciously body conscious (like I needed another excuse to go on another fad diet or promise myself that I will actually go for runs...mission for 2011 clearly). Shamelessly provocative ('Oh well hello, naked back...'). It's like the sartorial equivalent of a Justin Timberlake video (okay ONE Justin video and yes my musical tastes do sometimes veer towards the trashy...walk of shame...). This little piece of insta-sexiness (like instant coffee but better...because sex [kids don't read this] is arguably better than the humble caffeine hit...) by adorable little label Penny Anne is just the thing to put the capital M into some serious mojo.

Made-to-order and totally handmade by uber-talented Adelaide lass Danielle. In fail-safe black (because we love our fashionista black in Melbourne - plus I's slimming yes? Yes...). But with embellishments of your choice. From totally out-there feathers to chains to multi-coloured lace. Or simply go monochrome and a dash French maid like yours truly. The possibilities are endless. Talk about super fun. With a capital F.

And because I love appealing to your inner penny pinching, value-seekers. It is totally versatile. Go a bizarre take on tuxedo. Comme moi. For those winter parties that get a little bit steamy. But I'm looking forward to working it with my (new) beloved pair of (actual) vintage cut-offs for those warmer months. It's anything you want it to be. And perhaps a little bit more.

And that's plenty of reasons to love.




PS. Orders are taken via Facebook/e-mail/mobile. So basically the deal is - add Penny Anne on your favourite people stalking tool and go nuts. Literally. I did.


  1. You make the BEST sartorial choices! I dressed up as a French maid once, for a Jewish holiday... somehow it didn't look AS good. I LOVE THIS. See you in Ethics :)

  2. great post...fab style...gorgeous blog...follow me