Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I must confess - wearing this objet d'art kind of makes me feel like I'm wearing a medal (clearly I was one of those deprived kids who wasn't really talented at anything in particular hence serious lack of 'proper' medals for anything resembling an achievement...ho hum...I mean winning a race is just so passe these days...)

The point is - It's like a really cool medal.
That kind of screams 'Amazing sartorial find - take THAT - the rest of you mere mortals!'

It even comes with a slight smug grin of pride story.
The type that begins with - Pointless wandering in the urban jungle. A pair of delicious black calf leather knee high boots which caught my eye (for the record - aforementioned boots were recently also attained...). The usual 'To buy or not to buy' debate due to epic 'Mind is going insane with item-lust but debit card says no' pain. A friendly chat with the kind of amazingly dressed girl in Dries Van Noten-esque pants. Leading to the discovery of the locked secret drawer.

'There are only two left...'
'One of a kind'
'Vintage Russian art-deco pieces from the 1920s.'
'It's by a girl who used to work here - she also sells to Colette in Paris...'
'I think you may have to pay in cash...'

A phone call was made. A kind of dodgy transaction was executed. The hip pocket was a little sore.

But I am seriously majorly in love. Bold and a dash tribal. In a kind of amazing geometric, retro way.
It really is the piece de resistance to even the most bland of ensembles.

Plus - as I said - serious medal lust...

Eat my dust.

But I love you anyway,



PS. It took me FOREVER to get the name of she who is responsible for such pieces of joy - they're by Melbourne lass Anna Rossi who trawls the world for perfect antiques to turn into more adorable pieces of adornment...Definitely getting more love from me in days to come...

PPS. This accumulation of bling is apparently forgivable - so says my horoscopic profile anyway. Don't you just love the horoscopes in Vogue?

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