Wednesday, August 25, 2010


All-time dorkfest confession of the year: I kind of love work.

Maybe it's the faux-glam appeal of being temporarily able to call myself a 'workaholic'. The dream of being some uber corporate power-bitch dressed to kill and thrill in noir Prada. Or the ability to perve on boys in suits 24/7 (Hot Asian Guy who Runneth Triathlons - the only one on planet Earth - please come back to make my photocopying days worthwhile again). Or maybe it was just the opportunities to be shamelessly decadent with dressing up. And getting away with it. Mornings spent waiting in the coffee line with my beloved Prada work tote. A different Hermes for each day. Sigh. I'm getting a little misty eyed now. And all because one has to look 'respectable' and 'professional' yes? Yes. You concur.

It's all about the Working Girl these days. So says Vogue Paris anyway. Enough said. Or rather, 'Point, c'est tout...'
And those indulgently 'practical' pieces that take you from the laptop to the swanky bar.
Which is why I loved this Yves Saint Laurent clutch from the minute I set eyes on it (love at first sight...clearly)

Patent. Black and gold. Elegant. Simple. Subtle. Luxe. Like a Le Smoking you can hold in your hand.
Just big enough to hold a modern career girl's essentials. Red lipstick. Phone. Credit card(s). Clearly, I am trying to downsize.
Cute enough for day. With an adorably neat little scarf. Maybe with a little charm to boot.
Perfect with that indecent dress and those disgustingly high heels you have tucked away in that drawer come salacious nocturnal activities come sundown.

Oh so indulgently Parisienne...
And for climbing the corporate ladder in style...
I'm sure Monsieur Saint Laurent would be agree




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