Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Film Noir & Ballet

When I was like five (Qualifying note: You can totally tell that I am just on the cusp of being reduced to a zimmerframe-using, Botox addicted hag with all this nostalgia) -I really wanted to be a prima ballerina (obviously that turned out really well)
I blame it on the haze of candy pink. Tulle tutus (I still love tulle...some things never's like an unhealthy obsessive fantasy...admit it, you love tulle too). Topknots. And pointe shoes (once again...I swear I kind of live vicariously through my burgeoning collection of Repettos).

I'm a little past the candy pink and the actual like 'physical effort' part of ballet. But seeing the kind of effin' ah-mazing trailer for the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan, really brings out the inner (not-so-dead) prima ballerina in me. It's Natalie Portman in a nice return to form (I like to remember her more for Leon than the Star Wars trilogy). And it's a beautifully nightmarish ballet fantasy for little girls all grown up.

A dash psychotic. Infinitely creepy. Confusing (in a way that I think possibly beats Inception) Breathtakingly deranged yet stunning costumes (Rodarte no less...who could do insane chic better) Sexually predatory French ballet instructors (does it sound wrong to say - 'I wish I had a sexually predatory ballet instructor who looks and speaks like Vincent Cassel). And you can't go wrong with a bit of girl-on-girl action.

It's debauchery in pointe shoes.


No really.






  1. Shit.
    I love a good thriller...and that trailer alone gave me the chills.
    I must see this.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. heck..
    forget about ballet (caught the fever since Billy Elliot)
    I'm hooked by the smack on the lips by Portman to Kunis...(naughty thoughts)
    Any way, I bet it will not be as complicated as Inception (que soundtrack)