Sunday, August 8, 2010


The amount of dodgy cliches derived form magnets! Ain't it just grand?
Magnetic attraction...Opposites attract...Poles apart...
Yeah okay. Sad points going up. I get it.

I used to love magnets when I was little. Something about the way they make that satisfying clink when they come together. And then I did high school physics (yes...the shame still burns today) and the love affair was never quite the same again. There's something about doing stuff as a subject that really just tarnishes things for you. The little flame is kind of coming back though. Thanks to the new "bling-thing" about magnetically clasped bracelets.

A lifesaver for terribly awkward (cursed with non-existent hand eye coordination) individuals such as myself who can't deal with the humble lobster-clasped charm bracelet (yeah screw you Tiffany's). I got these leather and copper babies while on my tropical jaunt (same haunt as my beloved piece of stingray derived arm adornment). Shameless shiny factor? Hell yes. Requisite dash of ethnic? It's probably a little (correction - alot) more glittery than a much lusted over Dries Van Noten piece. But hey...shiny is fun no?

And for all you pragmatists out there - it even makes a pretty necklace that's kind of indulgently fun to make. If only for the clink factor.

Lots of love this fine Monday folks



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