Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eat - Do Something X-Rated - Love

I feel like I should do the right thing and put your pretty little hearts to rest.
No, I am not going through a massive chick-lit and/or Julia Roberts-esque soul finding phase.
Oh yes, you too would totally find yourself if you took a whirlwind trip around the world and hooked up with a suave, ruggedly handsome European complete with swoonworthy accent (I haven't actually watched the movie - that's just the plot summary I get from the trailer - I don't think it's too far off...)

But I was putting in my (probably totally unwarranted) two cents worth for a (totally museworthy) friend's creative project.
And (re)discovered these over the weekend.
And then I kind of remembered why I'm a bit obsessed with Terry Richardson.
And Vogue Paris (t'is clearly the season to be La Roitfeld)

It makes me want to indulge in junk food. And kind of reminds me of 1-dollar-ice-cream binges at 7-11 with a friend. Talking about sex. While wearing diamonds (sadly I wasn't wearing diamonds at the time...) But - given that we're in la-la-land, why stop there, maybe in a diamond tiara. And engaging in an illicit affair. Only in a five start hotel room. In amazing black lingerie. There is only one kind. Sensual. Messy. Visceral. It's ultimately about having fun. Perhaps too much of it. Living for decadence. Reckless excess. And possibly having a seedy photographer document the entire thing in all its glorious smuttiness.

Isn't that delicious?

Yum. Yum. Yum.





  1. Hehe this was an awesome post to read.
    But I'm reading Eat Pray Love, and I'm not too far in the book yet but from what I can tell I don't think that's what happens LOL .. :D she's pretty much flying solo and happy and content with herself.

    I like that scenario though; $1 ice cream, talking about sex, wearing diamonds. Ha!

    Mustart x

  2. @ Nedda Ebo - I meant to say a couple posts ago - Thanks for the LOVE. Love your blog. Am a follower :) and I love your comments.
    Haha! I'm terribly judgmental...that's kind of what I saw from the's kind of like me and Twilight...which I can't quite bring myself to read/watch...