Monday, August 9, 2010

Unholy Trinity

Qualifying note (just so you don't think I'm maths-retarded...)
Admittedly - I'd decided on the title after discarding 'Three In One' because it sounded too much like bad instant coffee and before realizing that there's actually more than three ways of playing with my newest piece of pretty shiny bling. And then it sounded far too cool to discard at that point...

But seriously - it's like the ultimate placebo effect to the spendthrift soul to discover that there are multiple ways to work a new purchase. So then it's like ', I didn't pay for one necklace...I actually paid for three.' And that, I assure you, completely changes things. Really it does.

At the end of the day, I like to think I picked up this crushworthy trinket from German bling wunderkind Sabrina Dehoff in the name of sharing beauty (and living a deliciously indulgent life) and supporting the cause of aesthetically divine practicality. It's all about the noble causes my friends.

Timelessly elegant. Who could ever say no to black and gold? Not I. 110% fun. With delicate tubes and miniscule beads. It's totally like the African bead necklace I never had (curse you Phillip Crangi for being New York based). And even better - you can totally play 'Create-A-Necklace' with it (which is like every closet bling fanatic's favourite game). Boho-glam and long. Flapper and short/long. A cute little double looped necklace. And might I even be so bold to suggest - a rather effortlessly pretty bracelet.

The possibilities are endless...

Embrace your pragmatic side this fine week!

And possibly combine them with pointless 'walks' down boutique addled alleys.
It's a recipe for a salaciously indulgent adventure.




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