Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Man & His Bag

And the awkward stalker is back!
(Bit of a hiatus after a bad case of camera karma - which hopefully has ended)

After all, this dapper chap was spotted during the tres glam and ubiquitously Melbourne 'waiting for a tram that isn't packed to the rafters so I will probably suffocate and kill someone with my bag at the same time' routine. While many a sartorial thumbs up is given to the beautifully executed 'black skinnies and boots' routine (which makes me want to totally date a grungy tortured artist/muso every time I spy it...) - I was just a little more obsessed with his bag.

Ah the man-bag. A name blatantly wasted on a suitably unattractive ex (for the record - I don't think he ever came to terms with its greatness). Satchels, framed briefcases, messenger bags, backpacks. I kind of love (with a capital L) the masculine bag (and pretty much everything with a dandy boy factor actually...><...It's the garconne in me)

But a beautiful man-tote! Subtly luxe and deliciously well-made. It's like the pragmatic book (more likely retail booty) bag of my dreams. Gorgeous chocolate brown. Buttery leather. Double strap function. Minimal but kind of fabulous hardware. I may have stood there drooling for all of five minutes.

Having said that - it kind of made the tram wait worthwhile. And definitely a dash prettier.

And I have a fulfilling mission of the week! A man-bag-hunting we will go! You know what I mean...




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