Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Best of Franglais

My high school French teacher would hate this video. Et pourquoi?
Possibly because it contains mind-numbing levels of that interesting linguistic creature we fondly call 'Franglais'
Apparently acceptable for us Anglophonic creatures - I mean doesn't it sound classy when you drop a 'tres cool' like it's hot (Qualification: Not ever in a trailer trash accent though...never...)

But alas not for les really does ruin the beauty/sex factor. Even if it means I can actually understand what they're saying...

I'm thinking that Madame would totally change her mind if she saw this kind of 'so cheesy it's kind of amazing' clip. Two skinny garcons (one who kind of looks like Rupert Grint but better because clearly he is oh-so-Francais). Doing the tres Anglophilic retro tennis outfit thing (Having recently just engaged in headache-inducing debauchery at Brussels...this may have been an obsession that has spilled over into this week). To an infectiously catchy little cheerful indie-disco ditty.

Yes - they do sing en Franglais. But, hell, if it's good enough for the APC (oh yes - temple of hipster Parisian cool) - it's good enough for me. Michael Jackson or not.




PS. Chere Madame, please ignore the copious amounts of Franglais in this missive
PPS. Aforementioned episodes of boozy debauched indulgence lead to 'une voix rocailleuse' the next morning. Really quite sexy if there was anyone there to appreciate it. Instant dose of faux Carla Bruni much?

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