Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thrifted Brilliance

First things first - let's get the awkward shit out of the way - I am an op shopping retard.
Yes, while splendiferous sylphic pieces of lady candy like my gorgeous friend Sas manage to find brilliant diamonds in the rough. I have to be the sole person cursed with finding nought but grandma dresses (not worth resuscitating...there was probably a reason why they were put in the bin in the first place) and gold lurex belly dancing outfits (I feel like you get an STD just by looking at them)

After many an ill-fated attempt at grasping the concept of 'vintage chic' - I'd resigned myself to a sad fate of being a spendthrift buyer of the nouveau while staring at bitter, bitter envy at those who boast of those 'amazing $6 loafers they picked up at some godforsaken St Vinnies in the middle of nowhere...and voila...they just happen to be Charles Jourdan'. If this has happened to you...say Aye.

But 'lo and behold - a saviour for those of us unaccustomed to wading our way through mothball scented racks!

I'd heard whispers about the brilliance of the Sydney institution that is Puf'n'Stuff. About how you could walk away with an impeccable vintage outfit. Well mannered retro shoes and bag included. Without wanting to hack off your credit card bearing hand in shame. And REJOICE fellow op-shopping retards for it has landed on our grey Victorian shores! A trip was very much in order. And my oh my, is it a beauty. Adorable pre-selected shoes, boots and handbags and that gloriously beaten up leather (someone has done all the hard work for you)

And the dresses. I'm a little nay...muchly obsessed with the $50 a pop reworked Japanese vintage day dresses. I snagged one. In its glorious demure button-up navy and gold and spotted resplendence. And am totally loving it's retro girly, flippy feel (oh dear Lord, please bring some warm weather our way). With my pre-loved 80s Ferragamos (still extremely proud about that score) - it's kind of making me feel like those smug experts with the op-shopping 'eye'...

'I have a pre-loved outfit...and no you can't have it too...'

Cheating has never been more fun.

Lots of love kids



PS. Puf n Stuff - has landed on Gertrude St. Home of the grunge. You heard it from me. Or Three Thousand. But I like to think me...


  1. SO SOPHIA COPPOLLA!! Especially with the flats... I feel like this is ripe for some Lookbook or Tommy Ton-style website... especially after US Vogue cautioned everyone that pretty was back in.

  2. throw in a good leather jacket with a pair of Manolo's pumps and you are ready to rock and roll!