Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Les Bottes

Sometimes there is nothing better than a self-bought present.
It's all the indulgence (I mean, hell, it's my birthday...why ever not) minus the awkward 'I appreciate the thought but actually kind of hate it' fake smile and die moment (oh you know what I fellow faux-smilers)

These boots by Vanessa Bruno (may or may not have sighted another gorgeous pair of non-functional but perfect hiking boots in store today...) were the perfect pointless, self-acquired indulgence. Pointless because (despite the miserable rain and gloom that was yesterday) - we are apparently heading into warmer months and longer days (i.e. non-ideal boot weather unless you're a dominatrix or a stickler for punishment and ruined leather)

But just looking at them - how could a girl say no...

Timelessly elegant and deliciously buttery calf leather.
For that instant dash of Parisian cool which automatically transports me to my fantasy world of days spent watching beautiful people , with equally dashing French beau sitting across (possibly reading poetry to me in a sultry accented voice), taking a drag on a Gauloise (preferably minus the not so desirable health effects), sipping a cup of Mariage Freres tea while nibbling on a whimsically flavoured Laduree macaron. Oh so modern Marie Antoinette no?

A bit of a subtle head turner with that gold flecked heel. With just enough height to raise me above 'average Asian height sans being stripper-heel'. And just hitting at the knee. Gorgeously simple - yes die superfluous hardware and unnecessary zips. It's enhanced minimalism at its sartorially perfect peak. Let us not forget that they also make impressive 'leg lengtheners' (without the very painful sounding surgery...)

Fantasy, instant faux plastic surgery and a bit of a beloved, timeless classic.
And that, my friends, is a worthwhile indulgence for anyone.


Lots of love and more



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