Saturday, April 3, 2010


Oh I do love bling.

I seriously have some unhealthy obsession with knuckledusters. Especially recently. It could be my latent inner ghetto child or the fact that I just want really overly adorned hands...either must be some testament to their coolness that they can make lonely broken twigs look relatively artistic...

And there's something about my favourite Iggy & Lou Lou necklace which makes me feel all cool (or at least...tryhard cool) whenever I wear it. It could be that most people stare at it really weirdly and go..."Um...does that say what I think it says?"
What makes it even better is the fact that I (of all people) somehow managed to break the metal chain ( does one do that...good question) and now it's joined my lucky Hamza making it doubly cool (but you're not Jewish, why do you wear one? Equally good question...I just like stealing your luck...)

Jewellery can say so much about a person. It almost adds another dimension to them...from my aunty's Dynasty worthy penchant for all things gold, shiny and BIG to my friend's purely silver and industrial minimal take on adornment...
The things you wear closest to your skin are like another window to the soul (I find them personally alot more distracting than eyes but that's just me...I mean eyes are good too...yes...)




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