Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mark Borthwick: Dazed & Beautiful

Vanessa Bruno and Rag & Bone - Two of my favourite labels in the whole world...The former for its basics that fit like no other and insouciant, minimalistic Gallic panache and the latter for its impeccable, totally-borrowed-from-the-perfect-boyfriend tailored aesthetic.

Lookbooks - A guilty procrastinating pleasure

Mark Borthwick's photography - Simply too pretty for words. It's that softly blurred, retro imperfection that just makes me want to have never ending hazy afternoons with the sun streaming through my window. Listening to Beach House and Au Revoir Simone. With a cup of herbal tea.

Does anyone need anything more?

I think not.




Images courtesy of Vanessa Bruno and Rag & Bone


  1. I love it. Summer<3

  2. @ Linda-Mari - Amazing yes? And sadly we're going into Winter while you cool kids over there are going into Summer. Sigh. Hehe