Friday, April 30, 2010

The Perfect Duffle

I really want a nice duffle bag. Probably because I carry my entire life in my bag every single day (I like to live by the dysfunctional Boy Scouts motto: Always be prepared with really superfluous crap that you will never use - like multiple lipglosses or two pairs of sunglasses when it rains...) Or perhaps it's because I want to look like I have a miniscule athletic bone in my body (Healthy body, healthy mind...or so they say) when it's disgustingly untrue (does anyone get puffed after walking up one flight of stairs?)

Or maybe I just need one because Alexander Wang says I need to at least look fashionably athletic (in the most glorious impractical sense of the word...although I suppose you could use that football clutch as an extra ball in a game if you were that desperate and sadistic to bags...)

In any case - point of the story is I would love to steal my 'far-too-fab-why-the-hell-are-you-doing-a-subject-like-law' friend's everyday duffle bag. 100% minimal black leather. In true CK style. Aged leather. Could it get any prettier? Oh wait...yes it can because it'll get better with age.

I would totally make up a sport as an excuse to get one.





  1. OMG you are in love with duffle bags too!? I love my leathergoods, and I drool for a beautiful worn-in one.

    Another thing to add to my already long shopping list!

  2. @ Street Fashion & Michelle - I am in love with all bags. And this one is pretty much a spot on perfect duffle...Too bad it's impossible to add the exact same one to our infinite shopping lists...

  3. I prefer leather colour duffle, like Campomaggi duffle bag