Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Illustrated Adoration

Anyone who has ever sat next to me in any class whatsoever will know that I am a notorious doodler...
NB. It is a mega fun way to occupy oneself thus maintaining a non productive state of equilibrium distracted zen

I have been kindly told (possibly too kindly) that my doodlings are actually relatively good (then again I've never actually sketched something and tried to pass it off as one of my friends...the compliments would probably come to an abrupt halt shortly thereafter) but I have to totally take my hat off to these sketches by Brooklyn based graphic art/tee shirt designer Lacee Swan.

It probably doesn't hurt that they are of 'so-cool-it-hurts-my-hip-socket' models cum 'it-girls' like Alexa Chung, Karlie Kloss and Dree Hemingway (god I love Alexa...I would marry her if she would have me) and that you can pledge your allegiance to such peons of cool by wearing their nicely illustrated mugs as a top! Yay!

It does remind me a bit of the whole Henry Holland mania a couple of years back where you showed your fashion cred/model allegiance via one of his very tongue in cheek tees (I personally had a thing going for the 'Cause Me Pain Hedi Slimane' and 'Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey' slogans) but then everyone started wearing them and then the copies came out en masse (finally culminating in trashtastic versions of the tees being draped off the mannequins at none other than everyone's favourite retail cesspool Supre)

I really hope these babies don't go down the same pathway to destruction

I have a sinking feeling they will...

But still...they make me want to go back and doodle in class...with a vengeance





  1. Am I reading wrong or did you actually say you want to pass off your doodling 'as' your friend? Because...that would be cool. Hahahaha.

  2. I'll get to that stage one day when everyone else in society shuns me and I'm left to socialize with only law school types...
    But what I meant was that I've never tried to doodle someone and say 'Woot...hey this is a picture of you...'

    I doubt they'd be flattered.

    AH! Where are my international compadres?