Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma's Boots

'These boots were made for walkin...'

I just adore Emma's take on over the knee boots (really being black knee high socks and ankle boots)
It doesn't hurt that aforementioned ankle boots are absolutely adorable as well (perfect heel height and cute wooden details)

It's a great way to be all like: 'I'm tackling a brave new trend...but with my own edge'
What I think really adds that edge to it is the fact that it's a little bit epic Carine Roitfeld-esque fashionistic (with the visual effect of being over the knee) but when you look a little closer it has that subversive (slightly more intellectual) Lolita-esque school girl appeal to it.

Stylish irony never ceases to amaze me really.

PS. When adopting an ironic take on a look - It doesn't hurt that the girl has preternaturally gorgeous legs and is just on a whole new level of stratospheric cool.





  1. I love them!

    Great blog btw, following you now :)


  2. I know! Amazing aren't they? And a really good way to do the look...
    Aww thank you so much! I adore yours as well!