Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simon: A Lesson in Classic Prep

There is something about seeing people in well-made classic pieces that just makes me unspeakably happy.
It's just like seeing something out of another era walking around in my otherwise fairly banal surroundings.

Somewhat creepy style-stalking confession moment: I've been a major fan of Simon's majorly preppy, classic and totally 'I holiday in my beach house in the Hamptons'-esque aesthetic for some time now.

The man does traditional, polished Americana so impeccably, I'm tempted to give him an A+ on my style report card (no leather vests, bandannas or ripped jeans here). Major sartorial points were scored on the button-up shirt, matching jumper, cream chinos and coordinating shoes. All executed to perfection.

Classic, traditional, pragmatic, functional, quality, intellectual and well thought out.

Exactly the same could be said of the man himself.

That's my report card for the day.




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