Monday, April 19, 2010


Ah there's so much to love about my partner in trippin' and all things shallow...
Her enigmatic charm and her thing for industrial-chic Helmut Lang/Rick Owens/Yohji/Comme-esque outfits definitely rank high on my list of things I adore (and quite possibly drool over while sadly wishing I was that hot)
Moody, artistic, ever-reliable, fail-safe black - Check
Androgynous but totally sexy (ever so slightly provocative) detail - Check
Preternaturally cool chutzpah to go with it - Double check

So now I am totally tempted to go run a black tee through my paper shredder. Although my hypothesis for that little experiment is that it will not end well (or rather in pieces for the humble oversized black tee...)




For a bit of extra perving - and to make me feel like I'm right on the look zeitgeist - the black shredded tee look totally made it into the Rochambeau lookbook for A/W 10 (which is totally worth looking at if only for the weird girl-on-girl action between the model and uh...herself)

Rochambeau -


  1. @ Georgina - Yeah I know! How good is it? Apparently she got it from Etsy :)

  2. This is great. I want it NOW!