Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Chris was the first awesome friend I ever made in the law school.

He was like the type of person I completely dreamed of meeting in uni after my repressed private school girl's life (In a depressing note about that - I was totally pigeonholed today as an 'Inner Eastern suburbs, private school kind of girl' much for epic street cred)

A man who never ever fails to make me laugh and to inspire me sartorially (and in all things artistic and cultural)

He has an amazing op-shopping 'eye' (like our...go friend Sas) which I am still desperately hoping to develop. Everything about this outfit is somewhat of a dug up thrifted treasure from the vintage shirt to the leather jacket (which actually fits him perfectly) to the crazy-cool sunglasses from EBay...

I think we should totally hang out more so I can just absorb more of his thrown together fabulousity (uh yeah...I am totally dropping in Kimora Lee Simmons here) by proxy...


Did I also mention that he was wearing an absolutely perfect pair of biker boots (also an op shop find) that I was quite possibly too depressed to take a photo of for fear that my camera might break from the awesomeness of it all?

Serious wardrobe envy...

Double sigh




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