Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purple Paisley Panache

If all else fails, I am totally loving my alliteration in the title and thinking maybe if I fail dismally as a lawyer (a very likely possibility indeed)...maybe I should become a spin doctor who comes up with catchy slogans. Or not...

The other thing I totally love is spying an item that I could never wear (at least not without looking ridiculous in a bad way) on other people...Looking suitably fabulous.

Purple is one of those things.
Paisley is yet another one of those things.

I get the feeling that if I wear both those things at the same time, someone will mistake me for a failed gypsy fortune teller. And as fun as it is to make up clairvoyant futures for people (it really is more fun than it sounds)...it sadly isn't exactly my goal in life.

Take 1 - Is my favourite intellectual editor of style, Tarang (I really think I could dedicate a whole month to style stalking him and not get bored). I'm a little bit taken with the muted tones of the scarf and the way he pairs it with navy and the lightest shade of violet (wow that sounded disturbingly like my mother's interior decorator...). Unusual and refreshingly bohemian.

Take 2 - Is my gorgeous girl crush at work, Erika. To this day, I still believe she's far too pretty and lovely to be working in the rather un-pretty and un-lovely accounting industry...but anyway. I may or may not have taken the long route to my desk post-coffee breaks just to check out what smack-bang-ab-fab outfit she had for the day. I totally envy the fact that she has the perfect skin tone and hair colour to carry off those vibrant shades of purple and blue. It makes me want to go blonde...except that I have an ominous vision of that not working out particularly well...

I could be tempted into trying my luck as a failed gypsy fortune teller though...




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