Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things Unseen

I need to find a new bra.
No I need to find THE perfect new bra.
It's like the Holy Grail except sexier.

It has been my quest for some time and is the driving force behind what hopefully will be a new bonding event for girls everywhere 'Field Trippin' for Bras'. In my ideal world - it would be as big as 'Give everyone a hug' day.

There's nothing more sexy and subtle than a hint of bra peeking out from under a loose tank or a tank dress...just that hint of the unseen or some straps falling off the shoulder when you're dancing in a sundress...or really just walking around the house in your underwear. It makes you feel all girly and frolicky on the inside. Perfect for doing a little dance to the lo-fi tunes of Au Revoir Simone, Pink Martini or some Bebel Gilberto...

However - and there is always a however or a qualification word of some sort - lingerie companies all around Melbourne seem bent on screwing me over. Is it too much to ask for a girl with an A-cup to demand that SOMEBODY make a damn push up bra in her size?!

Aside from the whole 'We don't like making brassieres for girls with no rack...' problem

'Uh like why do you need support honey? Those things basically hold themselves up with nothing at all'

There's also the whole issue of aesthetics. It's like noone has really captured what I would really want to wear when doing aforementioned jig to bedroom jazz. It's either too tacky (far too much of that), too reminiscent of high school or just woah...mum lingerie...let's not go there.

Which is why when I read about Yasmine Eslami's new lingerie line Yasmine Paris in the April edition of Jalouse (god bless you French magazines and your focus on underwear and all things sexy and porny) I felt like all my prayers to the lingerie gods that be had been answered. Perfect balconette bras in MY FAVOURITE, white and oh my god here's a revelation...BLACK & naughty but nice materials like tulle, lace, silk and cotton.

Pure. Perfection. I die. Majorly.

I could just wear these babies the whole day and feel like a whole new woman.

Note - It doesn't hurt that the creator is an ex editor of the art/style bible that is Purple Magazine and that the model is none other than Shannan Click

Other note - Like all good things, evidently...the answer to all my prayers requires a jet set ticket to Paris...

I'm thinking maybe I should write some sad fan letter to Ms Eslami and see if I can buy them as a special order. They are just that good and require THAT level of creepy devotion.

On the upside - I will have the sexiest underwear around. Bar none.

And seriously - is anyone NOT in with me to go on a lingerie field trip in the City of Lights?




Images courtesy of Yasmine Paris

Check it out


  1. Why keep them hidden; if you got it, flaunt it chica! I LOVE lingerie, and if you want to get your paws (or someone else's) on some on a local level - Elle Macpherson does a gorgeous bang-up job (very appropriate use of adjectives), and is affordable for the destitute like you and I...

  2. like these pics!!!


  3. @ Vee - Haha I already have a couple of Elle Macpherson bras...I should probably get my hands on some more...and I'm so glad you understand my obsession with underwear

    @ Anon - Yeah these shots are amazing. I would love to do a shoot like this some day. I adore your shoots though! They are too cool!