Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leather & Drop Crotch

I must admit...

When my ab-fab friend Sam informed me that he was experimenting with a new look...I was skeptical.

Even more so when I was told that it involved a 'quarter leather jacket and drop crotch pants' which tend to bring unpleasant mental images of both 'weird-in-a-bad-way' punks and yummy mummies doing the harem pant thing.

Oh me of little faith!

It turns out the man definitely knows how to bring a (much desired) bit of Rick Owens to my rather bland usual surroundings. It's dramatic gothic flair in an understated wearable (and totally crushworthy) way. On another note - I am also totally heart-ing the slightly haute-trashtastic effect of the ripped tank top (oh Balmain - what have you done to me? It's apparently a serious sign of mental problems to come when you start understanding why $1000 ripped tank tops sell out on Net-A-Porter...)

In a nutshell - Just another one of the many reasons why I absolutely adore this boy to pieces.





  1. What a cool outfit. Guys who dress great are just so rare.

    Love G.,

  2. @ Georgina - Ah! It's lovely to hear from you again! Yeah I know. He's just one of my beautiful friends that I keep snapping. Repeatedly ;)
    I'm really glad you like it too!