Monday, April 5, 2010

Agent Orange

I generally have mixed feelings about orange.
I like the fruit, don't like the soda
I love it as a highlighting colour because it's happy and friendly but can't actually read anything in fluoro orange pen
I love when people wear it, but couldn't pull it off to save my life (bad memories of orange legging experimentation from 5 years back flooding through head in a horrific way)

Getting a shot of this fiery haired muse nearly made me love orange in a whole new way though.
I just love so much about the outfit. How the dress is a little bit flirty and feminine (and has a bit of a cute 40s vibe) to the way she's toughened it up in a really chic way with the biker boots and black patterned pantyhose (I was going to say stockings...but that just brings back a whole host of memories about being in a private girls school and having carpet stick to your school regulation black stockings...a most attractive look and let's not forget about the static)

And the hat! Oh Heaven knows my penchant for unusual accessories and how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE spying them on the street. It's just so old world glam and not one of those run of the mill panama hats or fedoras (as much as I love both...mass commercialization and Miley Cyrus have reduced my level of adoration significantly) And I just love how it adds that touch of a bygone era to what is essentially a very modern outfit (On a side note - it makes me miss my beyond gorgeous friend Leah who has since dropped off the face of the planet and how she came to my party one day wearing THE most amazing red egg-shaped hat from the 20s I have ever seen to this day...and some amazing pantyhose from the 50s...I kid you not...the box had not been opened in 50 years)

Oh it makes me all inspired to go play dress ups again in a dramatic, flamboyant way!
Maybe an affair with Orange would be in order...
Or perhaps not...





  1. I CANNOT wear orange, but I love the juice! Oh and how is it other people have boxes full of trendy vintage clothing? My mum has boxes of her exam papers from way back I don't really care, what the...

    Sometimes, it doesn't pay to be Asian. =op

  2. Bec!! She looks amazing! I ADORE her little burnt orange skirt and, of course, her beautiful re hair....and her hat? Perfection :))

  3. @ Vee - It's totally our skin tones. Asian people do not suit orange. My mother tells me exactly the same thing. And vintage is sadly not our forte. Oh well...we can always perve from afar

    @ Vanessa - AHHHHH!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING ME BLOG LOVE! I think I could totally die of happiness. I was so excited when I shot her. I love it when people put a bit of flair/drama into the way they dress. So in a nutshell - you MUST MUST MUST come to Melbourne