Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's All About Rainbows & Flamingo Bags

I like to think Rachel and I were destined to be friends from the moment we exchanged stories about a private school boy that she was rumoured to be dating in our Business Computing class. Thus began a friendship filled with bus trips, donuts, shopping sprees in Sydney and countless boy stories swapped over double periods of Extension Math (and I would die if anyone ever brought up the Poko Pano Bikini Charity Fund...a long story involving a Brazilian bikini I loved and having insufficient funds to purchase it)

I think she seriously may be one of the nicest, funniest, most inspirational people I have ever had the privilege of meeting (and going to school with) and I am always half in love with whatever she wears whenever she walks out out the door. It's bold, a little bit crazy but always 110% amazing.

I am now totally convinced that I should attempt slightly purple and blue hair, and accessorizing a Alexander Wang-esque dress with THAT flamingo bag (I did seriously have to do a double take and check whether it was a flamingo and my 'beyond 20 year old eyes' weren't just screwing with my head)

And then I realize that I hate girls who can actually do that while I will wind up looking like I belong in that special place where everyone dresses in white and there are really cool padded walls (seriously...someone has told me that before...actually a few people)

But noone could hate Rachel. No seriously. Try. You can't. It's impossible.






  1. So cute!! That flamingo bag is hilarious, love it.

  2. @ Sara - Yeah I know! How fab is it? I just love it when people have fun with their personal style like that. Thanks so much for the comment :)